About Us

UCMAS is an ISO 9001-2002 certified multinational company. The company was first established in October 1993 in Malaysia, is now followed by several developed countries like USA, UK, France, Japan and so on. This organization conducts successful Abacus Mental Arithmetic Education program that helps children (aged 5-13 years) calculate fast and accurately. In Nepal it started its operation in December 2003 with the strength of seven students and currently has approximately 10000 students and more than 30 centers and franchisees all over Nepal.

Company Motto

  • To Learn
  • To Serve
  • To Excel

Business and projects: Setting of a franchisee system consisting of chained learning centers to provide courses for students, working adults and general public throughout the nation and the continuous development of courses relating to the enhancement of mental ability.

Mission: To Become The First Choice Of Our Dear Parents For Their Kids’ Brain Development.

Vision: To spread our campaign of serving every kid all over Nepal.