This is an art and handicraft programme designed to stimulate the creativity of young learners. They would learn not only drawing skills but also paper craft, fabric painting and “magic” as well as learning how to use different types of art media. Through this, young learners would be able to have the opportunity to undergo a balanced early education in arts, mathematics and science.

This programme is recognized by Saito Academy as a complete art learning programme suitable for young children, primary and secondary students. Learners who have completed this programme would be exempted from the Saito Basic Course at Saito Academy.

Upon the completion of DinoArt, a certificate would be awarded that is jointly issued by:

  •     Saito Academy
  •     International Magic Society
  •     Batik Drawing Corporation

Course Materials

Art Shall be the Foundation of Education

Our concept
To colour our life with art.

Our Educational Objective
To cultivate brilliant minds for a beautiful life and future.

Design concept:
Multi-levels,multi-patterns creative comprehensive mental training

Special Feature of the Programme
Intelligence with abstract logic of chinese and taiwanese design concept

Learning System:
Multiple Editions arrangement // Learning Pattern // Improvement Arrangement
Topical Teaching Method // Topical Structure
Systematic guidance // Systematic Training // Systematic Practices

What is DinoArt?
DinoArt provides comprehensive and systematic way of inducing, practicing and training to all the learners, by combining colours, sculpture, and mental training which enable students to appreciate and learn art in a fun way. This is to unleash the hidden potential of creativity of all children.

The training of senses has been the foundation of art education, it initiates the elements which constituted intelligence includes observation, memory and the process of concept formation subsequently lead to the training of abstract thinking, imagination and creativity.The development of a child intelligence is directly proportional to the dexterity of hands. Throughout the practice of light art work like cutting, pasting and drawing, it helps the development of imagination, creativity, perception of space, substitution of matters and problem solving skills. It was said by educationist that the intelligence of young children is reflected on their hands. DinoArt uses systematically planned textbooks which embodied the training of various senses with gradual progress of difficulty, initiate the intelligence of children with art and handcraft, which sought to help the development of both hemispheres of the brain and lead to a better life.

The Advantages of DinoArt to Others art lessons.

Colourful and creative art design concept:
Learners learn through systematic training, DinoArt uses numerous lively, colourful and realistic designs that are attractive and influential, that directly stimulate the senses of young children and sought to help the development of abstract thinking and creativity.

The 7 Steps of DinoArt Training:

i. Picture and Colour training ;
ii. Creative background training;
iii. Geometrical structure training;
iv. Lively special effect animals and plants drawing training;
v. Lively special effects 3 dimensional sceneries drawing training;
vi. Commercial comic drawing training; and
vii. Magic / handcraft training.

The improvement of abstract thinking and creativity of DinoArt learners will be significant after a few lessons.