Franchise Introduction


 The term “franchising” covers a variety of arrangements in which the owner of a product, process, service, system or even a name allows someone else to use it in exchange for some sort of payment; it can take the form of.

Distribution /Dealership

These are essential only a license to distribute a product.  A licensor grants a license to a licensee.


Here the agent ’on-sells’ the products on behalf of the supplier for a commission.

Network/Multi-level marketing

Instead of the manufacturer setting up a sales organization, groups of self-employed distributors build sales organizations of their own. Financial rewards are paid based on total sales.  However, the franchising that will be dealt with here is the most popular use of the term and is known as:-

Business Format Franchising

This involves granting the rights for a given period of time by a company (franchiser) to a third party (franchisee), to operate their proven business system using a common brand and format for promoting, managing and administering the business.


Since 1993, UC MAS introduced the new technique using both hands to stir one upper bead and four lower beads of an abacus from China to Malaysia.  UC MAS advocated this technique and became the pioneer adopting the method using both hands to stir beads in Malayasia.As the fact has proved by a group of professors from China ,  such as Zhu Xi-An of the president of China Bead-calculation Association,  Professor Yuan Yu-Min of Shandon Finance Institute and Shandon Abacus – calculation Instruct Academy,  Vice professor Chi Rong-Yu of Dongbei Finance and Economic University and Liu Shan-Tang of Jilin Bead-calculation Association,  using both hands to stir beads facilitates the balanced development of left and right brain to boost up the children’s calculation accuracy, reaction-speed, image-memory,  creativity,  motor skills and visualization-power.  UC MAS Mental Arithmetic being a professional education academy, always maintains its professional image to manage the academy with high quality in students performance. In 2001, UC MAS was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems certificate by BM Trada (UK).

All our franchisee and teachers constantly improve their teaching skills,  create good learning environment and implement vivid and lively teaching technique and we do invite qualified moderators/professors to be the Advisors in our board of academic committees (Datuk Mahpor Baba,  JC Prof. Dr. Chin Yew Sin, Prof. Yuan Yu-Min,  Vice Prof.Chi Dong-Yu, Zhu Xi-An and Liu Shan-Tang), Our main purpose is to create the students learning interests and self-reliance, enlighten their brains and improve their reaction capacity in order to activate their potential.’ It takes no genius to be a genius’ is our philosophy. ‘Accelerated training for tomorrow’s leaders is our mission. Over the years of implementation, UC MAS has trained numerous excellent reliable students. They are not only performed well in the international and national competitions, but also received the recognition from our Prime Minister and chief officers of Ministry of Education.  To enhance and glorify the method of calculation with an abacus and mental arithmetic and the quintessence of abacus~ a magical calculation tool, and to enable most students to have the opportunity in learning them to enhance their IQ (Intelligence Quotient), we will establish children’s classes for the age of 5 to 13. In short, as a professional mental arithmetic education academy, we pursue high teaching quality and affirmation from the societies. With our professional training and consultation, your children’s excellent performance in calculation is obviously exposed.

Two – hand stirring beads system

  • Purpose:Accelerated training for Tomorrow’s Leaders by using two-hand calculation with an abacus.
  • Students:To develop and enhance both right and left brain equally and preferably.
  • Topics: Two- hand abacus calculation, actual practice with fun, to achieve the goal of fast and accuracy in calculation and to stimulate potential.
  • Association:National Association Abacus & Mental Arithmetic UCMAS.
  • Incorporation:China Bead-calculation Association, China.
  • Member: The Association for Education of Young Children (USA).