Franchise Requirement

Who can be UC MAS Franchisee

  • All those interested in setting up centres with a minimum investment, good returns.
  • All those with entrepreneurial skill, achievement orientation, ability to manage the administration, operation, and marketing in the local areas, love of children, benefit of participating in a wonderful pioneering effort in developing the youth of tomorrow.
  • Employment will be challenging, mentally and financially very rewarding and will help chalk  and a remarkable career with great growth potential for yourself and others.
  • Who loves learning and children.
  • Who wants the younger generation to improve.
  • Who loves marketing and is interested in big business.
  • Who wants to reach out into the homes and help the parents develop their children.
  • Who wants to be an entrepreneur.
  • Who is interested in building the future of the country.
  • Who wants to be his/her own boss.
  • Who loves challenges.
  • Educated housewives who want to earn a good income, yet want to take care of her family.
  • A good husband who wants to build up a good career for his educated wife.

Who can be UC MAS Course Instructor

  • Any individual with high school education or more.
  • A person with a great love of children and learning ability to keep updating oneself in the latest research  and innovation methodologies.
  • Who loves teaching and training children.
  • Who likes to learn and challenge himself.

Who enjoys achievement