From the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director’s Desk

With globalization of world economy Nepal is continuously interacting with the rest of the world. There is more pressure on our children to compete and stand out as a result of it. Our nation’s future is in our children’s hands and better they are equip to overcome hurdles, more they will contribute for the welfare of our nation.

UCMAS Nepal with a vision to provide a platform for children under the age of 5 to 13 years to make their basic learning skills stronger started its first run of program with seven children in 2003. Since then we have the privilege of serving more than 5,000 children across the country in their developing stage. From the first run of program in 2003 we are striving to make our children’s imagination, analytical, hearing, vision, memory and concentration abilities stronger along with a boost to their self-confidence.

Ever since our establishment in Nepal we are trying our level best to serve the children all over the country. Therefore I like to this opportunity to heartily extend my hands to the various organizations such as schools, I/NGOs and individuals with vigor and enthusiasm to take our campaign to all the corners of our Nepal.

I welcome everyone to our UCMAS global family.

Jai Nepal!

Mr. Kailash Kunwar Chhetri
Executive Director