Opportunities & benefits


UC MAS has more than 25 Franchisees through-out Nepal and we are still expanding to provide the best Abacus Mental Arithmetic Development Training Program worldwide.

UC MAS has a complete and comprehensive supports system in place to assist our franchisees in developing a good educational program.  Our staffs consist of professionals experienced in marketing, education, technology, finance and administrations, each ready to help you to the road of success.  UC MAS is not just a business consultant, but savvy veterans in the industry and of the supplementary education academy. They are from a powerful in-house support system that provides invaluable consultation assistance.

After joining the UC MAS organization, you’ll attend a comprehensive and intensive training program. Here you become familiar with product, marketing and implementation strategies for each component of UC MAS business.  From business planning to pricing and staffing, you’ll leave here with the knowledge you need to build your own UC MAS business.

Following the initial training, you’ll receive follow-up field consulting and support during the initial launch and ongoing development of your business.  Periodical Regional Franchisee meeting as well as annual international convention will also provide exposure in the educational business and opportunities in networking with your peers throughout the world.

UC MAS also work closely with franchisees in helping them to establish their centre in the most advantageous location.  With our experience in designing hundred of Centres, we will be able to help franchisees to set up their centres quality and efficiently.

UC MAS highly visible national advertising is just one of the ways we help you to deliver the UC MAS name into virtually every household in Nepal. You’ll also receive professionally researched ad slicks, brochures, television and radio commercials, and direct mail campaigns.

UCMAS will continue to invest in the ongoing development of products, programmes, and tools system that meet the needs of the growing technology education market today and the future.  With our growing Franchise-network and support system, we will continue to maintain the standard of Abacus Mental and Arithmetic’s education worldwide.

Gifts for franchisee / teacher training

  • Introductory of calculation with an abacus and mental arithmetic.
  • A set of calculation with an abacus mental arithmetic practice books.
  • The knowledge of addition and subtraction.
  • The knowledge of multiplication and division.
  • The knowledge of complicated addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • The advantages of calculation with an abacus and mental arithmetic.
  • UCMAS Abacus
  • UC MAS T-shirt
  • Certificate

Benefits to become UCMAS Franchisee:

Access to capital

This is somewhat overcome as commercial banks and development corporations recognize the lower risk profile of franchising and consequently prefer financing a franchisee.  Financiers know they have a “safety net” in the franchiser who has tested and fine-tuned the franchised system.

Experience of the franchiser

Our franchise package comes along with years of experience and proven methods.  This eliminates many of the start-up problems and enables someone with little or no experience in a particular industry to become part thereof.


The franchiser provides both initial and ongoing training to a new franchisee.  This helps to prepare the franchisee in all facets of the business.  This method of skills transfer takes place at all levels i.e. Management training, technique training, preview, promotion, presentation, as well as employees training at all levels.  This is a particular benefit for people who do not have the experience, knowledge or the skills of Mental Arithmetic, which they wish to, enter.  Upon approval of an application, signing of the franchise agreement and the successful purchase of your franchise, the franchisee and/or employees will undergo an intensive training course.  During training, all aspects of the company’s unique and specially developed computer programmes, all legal aspects of the business and the marketing of the business is discussed in detail.


The franchiser provides the franchisee with ongoing assistance throughout term of business relationship.  In addition, the franchiser is also in a position to provide continuous research and development, contributing to new products and services.

Business synergy

Purchasing a franchise means to become part of a “Family” where all members work together for the good of the whole.  All franchisees contribute and share ideas for the benefit of the franchise.  Maintaining and upholding clearly defined operating procedures and quality standards.  Contribution to growth through feedback, promotion, research and development.

Reason For Success

  • A proven concept
  • A mentorship that lasts the life of the franchise agreement
  • Lower risk and less chance of failure
  • Not being a “master/servant” but a business relationship

UCMAS Mental Arithmetic (Nepal) Pvt Ltd

Kumaripati, Lalitpur.

Ph: 5554400/5554300

The opportunity is open; take your part in contribution for the vision of the Excellent Child Mental Development Training Academy.